6-Week MASTERMIND Challenge


~ and propel your business forward with Intentional Relationships


For over four years, we have been connecting women in business through referral networking chapters and we have continued to do so, in our new virtual world, but….. we have also heard the struggles and pain points that so many of you are dealing with!

I’m having a hard time meeting and finding new clients. I’m working so many hours and just not getting ahead. Despite my efforts, I’m doing all the things and still not attracting the right clients to grow my sales! I feel like I am not gaining momentum on social media! I feel like my circle does not support me and I am alienating people! I feel stuck and lost!

I want more! I am ready to master my business and build my own economy!

I am ready to write my own STORY!

Is this YOU?

Cristine & Lisa have come together to help you clear the clutter and pave the path! We launched the Women in Networking Connect 6-week Mastermind Challenge in 2020 and it has been a huge success! If you are ready to put in the effort, we can help you get there!

In this Challenge ~

  • We will help you build the mindset and messaging that will attract abundance into your business
  • Define your Soul Client and align your expertise to attract clients meant for you
  • Develop strategies to Up-level your Circle of Influence
  • Build your brand with attraction marketing
  • Manifest, Amplify and Write YOUR Story
  • Rehab your Calendar & get Organized

AMPLIFY YOUR STORY – register today!

Finish 2020 STRONG

This Mastermind Challenge is designed to position you to start attracting the clients that were meant for you, master your networking skills and get out of your own way!

Align yourself and your business for success in 2021!

Monday, November 23rd through Monday, December 28th at 7pm EST!


Invest in yourself!

Commit to Up-leveling your business in 2021!


Space is limited to 25 Masterminds! DON’T WAIT!


Pace was perfect! I loved this challenge! It really made me step outside of my comfort zone and I was so sad when it ended. The areas I learned the most in that have helped me in my business are who my niche is, how to up my presence online and to find a business bestie! Anyone that is looking to grow their business, streamline their business, learn to work smarter not harder, this is the course for you. We want our customers/ clients to invest in themselves by hiring or buying from us…we need to do the same…invest in yourself and your future.

I very much enjoyed this 6-week program. The topics are helpful and insightful and I felt encouraged and inspired to take my business and my brand to the next level. Fantastic program! Thank you so much for everything!

If you are looking for a great program to motivate you and teach you ways to grow your business, where you have support to get over the hurdles and tools that you can walk away with and implement immediately, then this Mastermind program is for you. The 2 women who created this program, truly care and are dedicated to empowering more women in business so these business women can grow their businesses and reach their goals. Thank you both for all that you do.

Don’t hesitate! If you are serious about jumpstarting your business and getting a solid refresher course to inject some new energy, do it! It got me out of a funk and on a trajectory forward in a big way.