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“If only…”

Do you ever find yourself uttering these words during the day…

  • If only I could afford to get the coaching, my biz would take off. 
  • If only I could afford to get a better computer, I’d be able to rock this biz.
  • If only I had the time she has to run my biz. 
  • If only I had the upline she has. 
  • If only…. (You can fill in the blank for this one.)

Two of the words I hate hearing most from an entrepreneur, “if only.”  Do you realize that the words “if only” are really the beginning of an excuse?  If that’s really all it would take to skyrocket your business to the next level, give you everything you ever dreamed of, open up that future you just know is for you, then wouldn’t you figure out how to do it?

When I hear you say “if only,” I hear you saying that you’re frustrated, tired, comparing yourself to others, and not willing to really do the work.  What “if only” means, is that you need to dig deeper and decide what’s really holding you back.  Are you scared?  Do you not believe in yourself?  Do you really think “her” life is better than yours?  (I mean, we all know that what we see on social media is only what she wants us to see, right?!)

Instead of saying if only, what about saying, “what if?”  What if I did spend the money to get the coaching?  What if I did get a better computer?  What if I could make more time?  Once you’ve asked these questions, sit down and write it out.  Put your thoughts, ideas, and answers on paper.  Then start sorting out which ones are excuses and which ones you’re willing to do something about.

Did you realize that you can work an entire business from your phone if you are resourceful enough?  Once you get that business hopping you can afford the new computer.  Instead of assuming she has “all the time,” reach out to her and ask her how she finds time to run her business!  You may be surprised at her answer!

Stop making excuses by saying “if only” and starting asking the questions that will open you up to creativity and progress.  “What if” means that there’s hope, there’s possibility, there’s a future for what you want to do.

Once you have some ideas on paper, then start deciding on what you will do to make things happen.  Can you get someone on your street to babysit a few hours a week so you can work?  Maybe there’s another mom on the street who needs some free time too. You could offer to swap time watching the kids for each other. 

Could you use a credit card to pay for that course you just know will make the difference?  Then make a plan to pay it off as soon as the biz makes a jump in income.  (There’s nothing like a credit card balance looming over your head to make you push forward and earn money!)

Get creative with your solutions, don’t just sit back and let another year go by without making a move toward that life that you want!  You do deserve more – so go out and get it!

I have faith in you, and we’ve built a whole community around helping you move forward and propel your business to the next level.  If you haven’t yet, join us in our Women Empowerment Network of Entrepreneurs Facebook group.

With love,

Lisa Boucher

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