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World Kindness Day and relationships

This Friday the 13th just happens to fall on World Kindness Day. I think that is AWESOME! If you are superstitious, you may think this is a bad day and something negative is going to happen…. don’t walk under a ladder, hide if you see a black cat or perhaps 7-years of bad luck if you break a mirror.

Personally, I am not superstitious. I choose to see the good or positive in everything, well most things. I think many people get irritated by this, because I always try to turn a negative into…well, look at it this way instead, a positive!

I love World Kindness Day because I can do more of what I already love to do! I can pour into people even more!

How you treat people, your demeanor, your words, your actions or lack of, stealing someone’s thunder….all have an affect on your relationships. Choose kindness and you will WIN, all of the time! Don’t wait for the one day in the year, to show your kindness. As Founder and Co-Owner of Women in Networking Connect, Inc., I am going to focus on relationships in business and how being ‘others focused’ on the daily, can have a huge impact on the success of your business. Way too often, I see women (and some men too) focus on the act, with one goal in mind…what is in it for me! You all know what I mean. Right?

Well, how about taking ‘YOU’ out of the equation and approaching relationships authentic and true? Build those relationships with a friendship goal in mind. Build relationships with the intent on really getting to know the other person, becoming their friend. In a virtual world, building relationships and making new friends can be very difficult. I get it! The best place to start is to, “treat others the way you would like to be treated.”

If you do not want to wake up to an inbox that says….

“Good Morning! I’ve been looking over your profile and I am impressed. I’d love to schedule a quick Zoom to share with you how I can help you meet your goals for the year.”

Then don’t do this to others!

A message like this is completely spam! And here are my top two reasons why…

1) I’ve never met this person. 2) There is no formal introduction telling me who you are and or what your service or product is. (And yes….I do get private social media messages like this!)

All of what we do and so much of what we teach our members, is to build that trust factor first. We all know the saying, people do business with people they know, like and trust! Simple and true! Without trust, you will not get the business. You will not get the sale. If you are spamming strangers on social media, vow today to STOP!

There are many ways to build trust. Start with an introduction of yourself, if you do not know the person. Spend some time on social media getting to know the person’s life, family, what they do, etc… If the relationship is starting to grow, suggest a 1:1 meetup and take it from there. Learn how you can help ‘HER’ (or Him) in her/his business or how you can provide value to her/him.

Another way, Women in Networking Connect offers referral networking opportunities for all women in business and/or in sales of any kind. This is an easy, not-competitive way to really build authentic and intentional relationships with a huge referral and supportive network of like-minded women. WINC offers both in-person chapters, in upstate New York, and virtual chapters across the US. Start building authentic and intentional relationships with us today!

Join us for a free Masterclass on how you can AMPLIFY YOUR STORY and propel your business forward in 2021 with intentional relationships. In this masterclass we will share three strategies you can implement today to finish 2020 strong and use going forward for success.

Here are 5 Acts of Kindness ideas you can do today! Which will you choose?

(Or, share another idea you have with us in the comments! We’d love to see how many we can come up with.)

  1. Send a message just to say HI and check up on a family member or friend you haven’t heard from in a while.

2. Compliment the first 2 people you talk to… and don’t stop there, you’re on a roll!

3. Write a hand-written note to someone… a teacher, a relative, a co-worker, spouse or friend.

4. Leave a generous tip for your server.

5. Try setting your alarm today to go off during the day, to take breaks to call or text someone to let them know how important they are to you.

Have a beautiful day! 🌎☀️🌎☀️


Cristine DiCaprio
Founder & Co-Owner
Women in Networking Connect, Inc.

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