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Are you giving yourself grace?

I was just talking to someone about giving myself grace.  About knowing that sometimes we have to just let go of the past and move forward.

How often do we knock ourselves down?  How often do we let others steal our peace?  How often do we forget our greatness?  I have accomplished a lot in my life (not bragging here, just being real) and yet I still have days that I have to remind myself of the value I bring to the table.

You see, I was bullied and picked on in high school.  I wasn’t the coolest or prettiest, but I had great grades and great friends.  During college I still felt awkward and unsure of myself.  Those days of being told I wasn’t good enough took a toll on my mindset.   I worked hard to prove that I was good enough, and could do whatever I set my mind to.  I was determined to get a degree and make something of myself.

After getting my four-year degree, I worked full-time and got my masters degree.  I felt so accomplished and focused on what I wanted to do with my life and career.  I was making things happen, and proving to others that I was good enough and “I’d show them.”   However, many years into my career, I become unfulfilled and unhappy.  How could I have accomplished “all the things,” yet still not feel like I was fulfilled.  I had gotten the degree, chased the job, had the corner office, and yet still didn’t feel like it was where I belonged.

What I realized was, I had been chasing a dream based on what I believed others thought of me.  I made it into a competition, and that had taken all the fun out of it.  It was time to realign my values and find a way to really impact the world in a better way.

So what did I do?  I did some serious soul searching and decided to find work that was meaningful and filled me up.  I decided it was time to work with people in a way that empowered them to be all they dreamed to be.  I got into Human Resources and then eventually jumped into partnering with Cristine in Women in Networking Connect.  I started leaning into my strengths and putting myself in a position that it didn’t matter what others thought.  It only mattered that I was using my talents and gifts for the right reasons.

When you take the time to work and live from your heart and soul, chase your passions and purpose, not the money, and lead by serving others, you begin to blossom into who you were fully meant to be.  I’m finally feeling like my talents are being used for a bigger purpose.  I’m finally impacting others on a whole new level.  I’m finally at a point where even the hard days are worth it.

When I have days that I feel inadequate or not enough, I sit down and make a list of what I have accomplished and how I’ve positively impacted others throughout my career.  I only allow myself to wallow in the negativity for a few minutes, then I kick it in gear and remind myself that my purpose in this world is too important to let my talents go to waste.  The reality is, it’s the little voice inside my head that’s making me feel inadequate, and I know it’slying.  I push it away and move forward. 

So I ask you today, are you giving yourself grace?  Are you leaning into your talents and really pursuing your passions?  If not, why not?  You’ll always be your own worst critic, but you don’t have to listen to that voice any more.  Get around people who boost you up and cheer you on.  Leave behind the ones who make you feel inadequate and not enough.  After all, you are the product of the people you hang around with most!

If you’re looking for a place filled with ladies who want to encourage you, and see you prosper and succeed, I’d urge you to join us in our Facebook community Women Empowerment Network of Entrepreneurs.  We created this space so women in all lines of business could have a safe, nonjudgemental place to connect, share and grow with others. It’s a great place to feel heard, valued and supported.  I look forward to connecting with you in there.

With love and encouragement,


Lisa Boucher

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2 thoughts on “Are you giving yourself grace?”

  1. This is so absolutely CRUCIAL and I am really happy to have come across it! Also really happy to have come across the Facebook, will go join up right now. Hope you’ll give me a follow back. ☺️


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