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Did you know that YOU are a Queen

Are you showing up unapologetically as the QUEEN that you are? 

To better answer this question, it may help to know the definition of Queen.  A Queen in simplest terms is, “the female ruler of an independent state.”   Translated to, “the ruler of ourselves, our own independent state!” 

To show up unapologetically as the Queen of ourselves, we must start within.  Is there something in your life that you are not receiving at the level that you desire or deserve?  You know that you deserve more and you desire more, but, you aren’t sure why you struggle in this area.   You may have to sit in silence, meditate, journal and dig deep here.  Or, you may already know and are ready to get started on letting go and moving forward to owning your independent state.

To help you think and dig deeper, areas of limiting beliefs that most struggle with are typically centered around money, career, health, and relationships. 

Perhaps you tell yourself things like, “I’ll never make enough money,” or “I don’t have what it takes to succeed,” or “It’s too expensive to join a gym,” or “I am afraid of rejection.” 

If you struggle to shine and show up as the Queen of you, I do know that it is due to your own personal inability to allow it in and to receive it at the level that you desire.  Our inner self has many facets, just like a diamond.  What facet of your inner self still needs polishing? 

The first step in receiving it fully and shining unapologetically in your space, is to recognize it.  Then, you can begin the process of discovery.  Why do you feel this way?  What are you telling yourself that is preventing yourself from shining? 

Once you are able to recognize it fully, I want you to believe wholly that you deserve it, manifest it, surround yourself with positive influences that will lift you to the pedestal that you deserve to be on. 

You are QUEEN!  You deserve to shine on all facets of your diamond.  Shine bright like a diamond. 

Put on your crown and show up unapologetically as the Queen that you are!  

Have a fabulous day!

~ Cristine DiCaprio

Founder & Co-Owner

Women in Networking Connect, Inc.

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