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Your Strength comes from doing what you thought was impossible…

I’m going to start with a flashback to the 1980’s. I graduated HS in 1983, dabbled in having fun with my girlfriends, dancing to wee hours of the morning and dating for the first year after graduation. I decided to start college in the Fall of 1984, but that was short lived when I met a guy in 1985. Yes, I was young and irresponsible.

I fell in love, at least I thought it was love. Really, what did I know at 20 years old? In 1986, I was pregnant and we rushed to get married, because that is what I was led to believe I should do. Having a baby out of wedlock was not looked highly on back then.

There were so many red flags. I saw many of them, but I chose to ignore them. Can you relate too? If getting married by the Justice-of-the-Peace, in front of the local county jail, under a birch tree, on 9/11, with inmates watching and cheering from the jail windows, wasn’t a huge red flag… I don’t know how more obvious GOD could have been in warning me to run. I ignored the signs!

Over the next four years, I endured abuse on all ends, physical, emotional and verbal. In the Fall of 1990, I escaped in the middle of the night with my two baby girls, ages 4 months and 3 1/2 years old. The police had just taken him to the local jail to arrest him on an appearance ticket to appear in court, on charges of harassment, he would not be held and would be free to go once they issued him the ticket. I was not going to be there when he returned! The physical abuse ended that night, October 21, 1990. The emotional and mental abuse continued for years after.

I was a scared single Mom at 25 years old, but I was determined! I went back to college and obtained my degree. I climbed the Corporate ladder where I worked in Corporate Human Resources, Employee Benefits Management for 17 years.

Fast forward to 2020, my girls are grown and I am now happily married to my second husband, Paul. We just celebrated our 15 year wedding anniversary (together for 18 years). I am just loving the life I have created for myself today!

I am 100% self-employed now! YAY! I retired from the Corporate world in 2015. My life experiences as a survivor of domestic violence, monetizing the business of my dreams and mentoring women to be successful entrepreneurs, have given me the freedom to share and inspire others. My passion is empowering women on so many levels. As founder and co-owner of Women in Networking Connect, Inc., I am connecting women with like-minded new connections in business and helping them to build their networks, through WINC referral networking chapters. I am also an Empowerment and Mastermind Coach. My ideal client is the frustrated woman who feels stuck in her business. Through group mastermind coaching, I take women from frustrated to freedom, by scaling their attraction marketing and networking skills in order to attract abundance into their business.

The title of this blog is, “Your Strength Comes from Doing what you Thought was Impossible.” If you are in a dark place in your life or in your business, dig deep. Face it head on! You have a choice to make it better. It may not be easy, but there is light! Look up! Pray! Know that you have the strength to make a change. God will see your through.

My strength came from doing what I once thought was impossible and scared the dickens out of me. I knew it had to change and I knew I was the only one that could make it better. I believe in you! You can do it too! Whether it is a bad situation or a fear you have, I want you to know that….if I can do it, you can too!

I hope this will motivate you!


Cristine DiCaprio

Founder & Co-Owner

Women in Networking Connect, Inc.

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