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Set your Intentions for the Week

Each week, on Sundays, I like to set my intentions at the start of my work week.  It helps me stay focused and in alignment with myself and the universe for the week.

By setting my intentions for the week,  it allow me to exist in a positive vibe and growth mindset, without attaching myself to a specific outcome.  Setting goals are great, if that is your thing, but to me a goal can be limiting, as it is usually attached to an outcome and a certain way of doing something to achieve a desired result.

Whereas, an intention is centered around how I want to feel, rather than what I want to achieve. I’m setting the intention and meeting the universe half-way. By setting my intention, I am leaving room for the universe to do it’s part and meet me half-way.

5-Tips to set Intentions:

1) Focus on the feeling, verses the outcome that you want to achieve.

For example) If you have a desire to lose 15 lbs, set your intention on how you want to feel.  Perhaps that will be:  I want to feel lighter, I want to feel more comfortable in my clothes.

2) Create a fantasy around that feeling…. Living in a fantasy world is always a happy place to be, right once?  So, create your fantasy!  What will that look like for you?  Imagine what you want to attract into your world.   Set the intention!  What will your “set” look like?

For example) In step #1, you want to feel comfortable in your clothes, your fantasy set may look like a very confident boss lady, or a confident woman walking the beach in her bathing suit.

3. Bless your intention with gratitude and release.
I personally love this step.  Every intention is placed on your heart from a higher power. Thank the Universe for bringing this intention to you this week and trust the Universe is going to make it happen. 

4. Plan actions that will inspire you and keep you aligned with your intentions. It isn’t enough to just want it, you have to plan how you will get it.  What actions will you take to keep you in alignment with your intentions?  See yourself taking action! Fantasize how this action will make you feel and contribute to your intention for the week.  Feel the positive vibes that the universe is giving you in this moment.

For example) finding healthy recipes and drinking more water may be the inspirational action you take to stay aligned with your intention for the week to feel lighter. The thought of doing these actionable small steps inspire you and fill you with positive vibes!

5. Release your intentions with love. This is the fun part and can be the hardest. You set your intention for the week, you created a fantasy around how that intention will make you feel, you thanked the universe and set inspirational actions to help you stay aligned this week, now is the time to set those intentions free and let the Universe do it’s part.  If you like to hold onto and control things and outcomes in your life, this may be a difficult step for you. It is time to get out of your own way, let your intention flow, detach and set it free in the universe.  The universe is just waiting to meet you and make it happen!

For the upcoming week, I challenge you to set your intentions for the week on Sunday and follow these 5-Tips to have a successful week.  

Set your intentions for the week and align yourself with the universe, to bring more abundance, joy and positive vibes into your life!  It is an amazing way to start the week and usually sets the tone for a week of abundance and alignment.  

Please share with us?  What intention(s) have you set for yourself this week?

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Sending you positive vibes for Fall 2020!  May God bless all of your businesses this month and every month.

~ Cristine

Cristine DiCaprio
Founder & Co-Owner
Women in Networking Connect, Inc.

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