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Top 3 Tips to Get “unstuck” in your business

Do you ever feel like you are running and not gaining traction?

Do you ever feel like your business is stuck and you’re not sure what the next steps might be? Speaking from experience, I have been there and I’m sure most women have been there too.

Here are my Top 3 tips to get unstuck TODAY and give your business a quick refresh!

1. Know that you are not alone and we have all been in “those shoes” at least once in our business life. Do NOT give up. Keep MOVING forward and BELIEVE in yourself. I’m sending you positive vibes and rooting for you all day, ever day! You got this girl!

2. Surround yourself with empowering and inspiring women. Find a group that empowers you every day. You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with. I surround myself with women that encourage me, motivate me and empower me. You have heard it many times, “Your vibe attracts your tribe.” This couldn’t be more true. Have you ever seen the group of ladies that seem to talk about everyone, you all know the type. They all have something in common, they love to stir the pot and gossip. Right? Hopefully, this is not your tribe! The right tribe with the right mindset, will certainly make a difference in the growth of your business.

3. Start a gratitude practice. Whether you write it down or make a mental note, morning or night, acknowledging those things that you are grateful for, always seems to put things into perspective. I love to start my day with coffee and giving thanks to God in prayer, giving him all the power and asking for his grace & guidance as I follow his path for me each day. I end my days with 3-5 things I am thankful/grateful for. Ending my day this way always seems to take the stress of the day away when I reflect on what I am grateful for, including the little things we often take for granted. I enjoy ending my day with gratitude.

These three tips will set the tone for a business refresh. Survey where you are today and decide where you need to change and what you need to do to get unstuck. Perhaps it is one of these tips or all three. I hope this helps.

Please share in the comments which of these tips will help your refresh!

Are you looking for a tribe of women that will empower you? Join our women’s empowerment group on Facebook today.

Wishing you all a wonderful September! May God bless all of your businesses this month and every month.

~ Cristine

Cristine DiCaprio

Founder & Co-owner

Women in Networking Connect, Inc.

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